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Pad Yatra-Live To Love Taiwan
Live To Love Taiwan


Pad Yatra-Live To Love in Taiwan

Michelle Yeoh, Live to Love Global Ambassador, arrived in Taipei from Europe, and Wendy J.N. Lee, director of Pad Yatra documentary has also arrived from America for the charity premiere. It is the first theatrical release of our very own documentary, featuring His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa and 700 people trekking across the Himalayas with a call to save the planet's "3rd Pole," a glacial region now devastated by the climate chaos associated with global warming. Michelle Yeoh, Wendy J.N. Lee and Michelle Liao (President of Live to Love Taiwan) were busy promoting Live to Love in Taiwan.

[Chinese language] PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey ("綠色足跡") featured this week on SS小燕之夜, the top-rated talk show. Guests: Exec Producer Michelle Yeoh, Director Wendy J.N. Lee, and two participants on the trek  (click below photo for the online talk show)