Our success

Live to Love Penang, Malaysia



For the month of March 2012, we continue with Phase II tree planting in Sekolah Kebangsaan Cina Kelang Lama, Kulim. There is a sizable empty land behind the school which has been left vacant for years. According to the school principal Puan Ong, they plan to level the ground and use it for recreational purpose and sport events. Hence by planting trees at this stage will be right as it will later provide shade to the area. Due to the size of the land, we have to carry out the planting in stages.


14 members from Live to Love Penang and one member from Intel IIMGP (Intel Involve Matching Grant Program) participated and a total of 10 Khaya trees were allocated to be planted during this phase.

As usual while the volunteers were planting the trees, Puan Ong has arranged around 200 pupils to participate in the briefing and lessons conducted by Live to Love member, Mr. Thor. The students were presented with teaching slides on the importance and advantage of tree planting and at the end of the presentation, a small quiz was conducted where the winners were given a Live to Love T-shirt.

With 15 members, it took us less than an hour to plant the trees. After that we were invited to the canteen where the Headmistress has kindly arranged some refreshment for us.