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During Apr 2012, we continue with the Phase III tree planting activity at Sekolah Kebangsaan Cina Kelang Lama, Kulim. It was lucky that the rain that had started the night before came to a halt shortly before our activity. In a way the rain has made the planting easier as it has soften the soil, without that it will be quite strenuous to plant 13 trees this round with lesser participants, only 12 participants, including two members from Intel.

Since we have conducted two sessions of briefing on the importance of green environment for the past two activities in this school, this time we requested for the students to come and see how we plant the trees. Michael Tan, Head of the tree planting project, started by explaining to the students the steps involved in tree planting and also stress the importance of watering during the initial period to ensure its survival. Upon completion of the tree planting, the students participated in the watering process, and they were also encouraged to use the water from the drain accumulated through the heavy rain last night.

It took us slightly more than an hour to complete the planting activity and everyone was quite exhausted as there are less people and more trees. Thereafter we adjourned for the refreshment in the school canteen. The headmistress, Pn Ong again expressed her gratitude to us for the 3 consecutive planting activities in the school.